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Hydraulic vulcanizer structure characteristics

Author:Nanjing Jim Sensing Technology Co. Ltd.Website:www.card24k.com/Popularity:Publication time:2017-09-26 14:33

  The hydraulic vulcanizer structure has the following characteristics:

  1、Vulcanizer organism is of fixed frame-type, compact structure, good rigidity, and little deformation under the big molmerged forces, helpful for tire life and tire quality. Although the hydraulic vulcanizer is also double cavity,from the perspective of stress, just two sets of single-mode vulcanizier are linked together, and under mold force function, the tiny deformation is symmetrical mould;

  2、The action is stable and quickly, greatly reducing the vulcanizer assistant time;

  3、The machine precision is high, greatly improve the tire precision to finalize the design.Combining a model, the upper only do vertical up-and-down movements, maintaining a high accuracy of alignment and repeatability; On the other hand, is favourible to keep the precision of loose mode;

  4、Fluctuation and mold force bear stress evenly, not affected by working temperature;

  5、The height of putting-tire institutions and center on the ring institutions can be accurately controlled at random,meaningful for vulcanizing the tires of different specifications;

  6、Each frame of the machine can equipped with a set of control system separately,which can control separately and work independently;

  7、The machine action is simple and effective.In the using process of plate vulcanizer, there are basically not wearing parts or spare parts needed to be changed and it also does not need regular medium, heavy repairments like mechanical vulcanizer, greatly reducing the running costs and increasing the utilization ratio of the equipment.

  Hydraulic vulcanizer was began to be developed overseas as a kind of new technology.Through continuous improvement and enhancement,it is already mature and of batch production, widely used in high precision meridian tyres production.In recent years, the main tire companys are gradually adopt hydraulic vulcanizer as an alternative to traditional mechanical vulcanizer. With the rapid development of our country's high-speed road, radial tires is of big demands.Chinse research of hydraulic vulcanizer has been into the accelerated development stage.

Key word:Hydraulic,vulcanizer,structure

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