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Hydraulic vulcanizer industrialization is on blooming time

Author:Nanjing Jim Sensing Technology Co。 Ltd。Website:www.card24k.com/Popularity:Publication time:2017-09-26 14:34

  With continuous development of China's auto industry and tire industry,higher and higher requirements of the uniformity of the tire is put forward,which lead to higher and higher requirements of work precision of the vulcanizing press,so the superiority of the hydraulic vulcanizing fully has shown. Now hydraulic vulcanizer of our country is widely recognised by tire and rubber machine enterprise, the proportion of the using of vulcanizing machine is gradually increasing.It has been into the rapid industrialization phase like "spark set the prairie ablaze" .

  The director of China's chemical equipment association rubber machine professional committee ZhouBaoDi told reporters, as a new technology, through continuous improvement,hydraulic vulcanizer has been mature in overseas and producted in batch, it also widely used in tire of sulfide.The proportion of the using of hydraulic vulcanizing in main tire companies has been over 70%, and it is still in Increased trends. But the development of hydraulic vulcanizing in our country has met many twists. the development work of China's hydraulic vulcanizer began in the late 60s, not slower than developed countries, but the domestic level at that time limits the development of hydraulic vulcanizing press.In "Eight. Five" period, the country list hydraulic vulcanizing press into "radial tire key equipment through-train" projects. Many rubber factory valued the potential of the "dragon", and began to research hydraulic vulcanizing press. At the time five to six factories began to do the research, but in ten or more years after it did not product in batch. The main reason is the tyre industry in our country has not formed the atmosphere in using hydraulic vulcanizing press,and most tire enterprises didn't know direct experience in using hydraulic vulcanizer and their knowledge of hydraulic vulcanizing is not enough. At the same time hydraulic components in our country limited the development of hydraulic yulcamzation machine. By the end of 2010, the proportion of hydraulic vulcanizer in our courtry was no more than 10%.

  "But now it has great change", ZhouBaoDi continued, "the superiority of the hydraulic yulcamzation machine in our country has been widely recognized, and high grade radial tire projects obviously tend to choose hydraulic vulcanizer in especial. Now the proportion of new semi steel radial tire project to adopt hydraulic vulcanizing has been 50%,and the proportion of new all-steel radial tire project to adopt hydraulic yulcamzation machine has also been more than 20%.

  "If mechanical vulcanizer to replace vulcanizing tank in China since 50s can be called the first leap of tire curing; so hydraulic mechanical vulcanizer to replace mechanical vulcanizer is the second leap of tire curing. Hydraulic vulcanizer develops in the basis of mechanical yulcamzation machine, it absorbs the advantages of mechanical yulcamzation machine, and overcomes the inherent weakness of mechanical vulcanizing. Hydraulic vulcanization machine has many advantages, such as high precision,high degree of automation, vulcanization tires' high quality and uniform suitable for radial tire especially high-grade radial tire vulcanization.IT is the development direction of tyre vulcanizing. Hydraulic vulcanizer to replace mechanical vulcanizer has become the undisputed development trend". Guilin rubber machinery factory deputy chief engineer LiuFuWen told reporters to their own, "I have been engaged in the hydraulic vulcanizer more than ten years,and has developed more than ten specifications of vulcanizing machine.The smallest of these specifications is 1140, and the biggest is 4800.I feel that the advantages of hydraulic vulcanizer are becoming more and more obvious,and promotion of the hydraulic vulcanizing press is very easy,and basically tire enterprises use hydraulic mechanical vulcanizer actively".

  Hangzhou zhongce rubber Co.LTD is the firm "bulls" of hydraulic vulcanizing press.In the company semi steel using tire mainly located for high grade tire,and vulcanization mainly adopts hydraulic vulcanizing press.From the use effect of the watch, the dynamic balance of the tires is satisfying. In the first half of 13.8 million steel project,more than 200 sets of vulcanizer all adopt hydraulic vulcanizing press. The next 13.8 million sets of half a steel project will continue to choose hydraulic vulcanizing press. Hangzhou zhongce's selection of equipment has vane effect,so a stream of hydraulic vulcanizer boom risen in China.In most or all projects,Shandong wanda, shandong shengtai, shandong JinYu, zhaoqing ambitious, henan poets, chaoyang wave horses, guizhou tires, Shanghai Shanghai double money etc all select hydraulic mechanical vulcanizing press. Shandong JinYu general manager yan told reporters, last closed steel project selected mechanical and hydraulic half and half,and 200 sets machines in next project will all use hydraulic vulcanizing press.The ratio and proportion of foreign tire enterprise to use hydraulic vulcanizing is higher.The projects of Goodyear dalian, Michelin shenyang, Oriental zhangjiagang, sumitomo changsha, HanTai chongqing etc all use hydraulic vulcanizing press.

  There have a large number of hydraulic yulcamzation machine manufacturers sprung up in our country,and the production capacity of hydraulic vulcanizer has rapidly improved. Traditional vulcanizer manufacturers' Research and Development Center transfer to hydraulic mechanical vulcanizer at the same time of producting mechanical vulcanizing press,such as guilin rubber machine, yiyang rubber machine, etc. Some manufacturers start into vulcanizer market directly from hydraulic vulcanizing press,and the market expanded very fast, such as guangdong wheel, college soft control, Beijing bei wear and science and technology. Guangdong ship mould Co. has producted nearly 200 sets of hydraulic vulcanizer in 2010, and now there is a order of more than 200 sets of hydraulic vulcanizing press,so demand exceeds supply. University soft control also has an order of nearly 200 hydraulic vulcanizer , among which more than 10 sets will export India JK company.Shandong wanda hydraulic vulcanizer invites tender, and 12 enterprises take part in the bidding, so we can see how many hydraulic vulcanization vendors are. Preliminary estimate that there are nearly 20 hydraulic vulcanizer manufacturers in our country, and annual production capacity is in 1000 or more.

  "China's industrialization of hydraulic vulcanizer is " right place, right time". The first one is the advantage of hydraulic vulcanizer hae been recognized by tire companies in our country ,and the preference of tire companies especially half steel projects have become hydraulic from mechanical, so huge demand of hydraulic mechanical vulcanizer has formed.The second is that our country has mastered the technology and principle of hydraulic mechanical vulcanizer and has independent development ability,so the industrial capacity has formed. The third is that the key components of hydraulic yulcamzation machine such as hydraulic pressure station, oil cylinders have been localization, the purchase cost is low, sealing is good,and delivery cycle is short,all of these provide assurance for the industrialization of hydraulic vulcanizer ", ZhouBaoDi said, "We believe that the hydraulic vulcanization opportunities will become the focus and promote widely in the near future,so it becomes a new economic growth point in tire and rubber machinery industry in our country".

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