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Magnetostrictive displacement sensor in the application of i

Author:Nanjing Jim Sensing Technology Co. Ltd.Website:www.card24k.com/Popularity:Publication time:2017-09-26 14:35

  Injection molding machine hereinafter refers to the plastic injection machine. Its working principle is to use the thermoplastic of plastic,so we heat the material through Heating coil to melt materials,then again with high speed, high pressure to make it flow into the mold cavity fastly.After a period of holding pressure,cooling,solidification stereotypes, mold and die system open mold under the function of clamping system,and the machine ejectors the designed products from the mold through the ejector device.

  The injection molding is a recycling process,and each cycle mainly includes: quantitative charging-molten plasticizing-locking molmerged-injection machine moved forward-pressure injection-filling mold cooling-injection machine back-opening mold-ejectoring products, then we remove the plastic parts and close modules,at last the machine goes into the next cycle.

  In this cycle of project,the stations of locking molmerged, injection machine, injection and ejectoring ptoducts need accurate control.The injection of plastic injection machine and locking mould stroke control play a decisive role in the injection molding machines' performance and precision of the products. In recent years, the trend of injection molding in the market makes more and more manufacturers and users pay attention to the importance of position system. The old machine manual system has increasingly be replaced by modern digital automatic system.Digital measurement not only increase accuracy, but can also use of field bus technology for communication in order to improve the processing speed,and it has become the industry standard.

  In previous application, potentiometer feet were applied to the amount of injection molding machine, but because that products whether in precision, reliability, stroke or life are far below magnetostrictive displacement sensor. Because that it is the contact, carbon brush unavoidably wear after a long time's repeated use,and eventually lead to failure. But magnetostrictive displacement sensor is non-contact, no wearing, durable, easy installation, compact appearance,and have technology advantages that electronic feet can't compare .

  Each machine injection molding machine can use four sensors, respectively in the lock molmerged, injection molding, shoot stations and ejector four stations. Sensors that adopt non contact detection method can greatly reduce equipment maintenance work.

  In addition to the perfect applied to the plastic injection machine industry,the advantages such as non contact and wear measurement, strong aluminum shell, high precision and linearity, multiple color of LED, convenient and quick programmable measuring distance,and minimum blind area, make magnetostrictive displacement sensor can also apply to other areas, including bending machine or roll bending machine.

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