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The working principle and performance advantages of magnetos

Author:Nanjing Jim Sensing Technology Co. Ltd.Website:www.card24k.com/Popularity:Publication time:2017-09-26 15:23

  The working principle of magnetostrictive displacement sensor:

  The magnetostrictive linear displacement sensor (liquid level) is mainly composed of a measuring rod, an electronic storehouse and set in on the end of a non-contact magnetic ring or a floating ball. The rod is arranged in the magnetostrictive wire (waveguide line) a non-magnetic rod, stainless steel tube, reliable protection of waveguide wire. When working, generated by the electronic circuit of electronic cabin starting pulse, the initial pulse propagation in waveguide wire, while producing a forward rotating magnetic field along the waveguide wire direction, when the magnetic field and permanent magnetic field meet or float in, produce the magnetostrictive effect, the waveguide wire twist, this a twist can perceive mechanism was picked up and converted into the corresponding current pulse is installed in the electronic cabin, the electronic circuit calculates two pulse time difference between, can accurately measure the displacement and level measurement.

  Performance advantages of magnetostrictive displacement sensors

  At present, the measurement of displacement, absolute encoder accounted for a large part of the market, but the absolute encoder has shortcomings, were easily damaged, short service life, by the power outage affected, resulting in some occasions such as not applicable。 The output of SSI magnetostrictive displacement sensor has the following advantages: 1) the standard RS485/RS422 digital output signal, SSI synchronous serial output mode, data format and absolute encoder output, output gray code or binary code, can be used to replace the absolute encoder as the displacement measurement for conveniently。 Both interfaces are compatible and can be completely replaced。 2) the reliability of magnetostrictive displacement sensor to work well, SSI signals have very high anti-interference, can remote transmission data exchange in synchronous mode, can be used in a variety of closed-loop control system, conveniently connected with various controller or PLC, and the installation is simple, long service life, than the absolute encoder reduce maintenance workload。 3) the output position is an absolute value, the display controller can read at any time, without interruption of power supply, and then no need to reset to zero。 Absolute encoders need to be calibrated periodically, power outages should be reset, zero, and so on。 The SSI output magnetostrictive displacement sensor compensates for these limitations of absolute encoders。

  About magnetostrictive displacement sensor operating principle and performance advantages, the above is described in detail, in the hope that we can help。

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