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What are the types of displacement sensors commonly used?

Author:Nanjing Jim Sensing Technology Co。 Ltd。Website:www.card24k.com/Popularity:Publication time:2017-09-26 15:32

  What are the types of displacement sensors commonly used?

  The commonly used displacement sensors include the following categories:

  There are linear displacement sensors (resistance), magnetoelastic displacement sensors (capacitive), LVDT displacement sensors (inductance), pull rope displacement sensors (coding), grating displacement sensors (optical)

  1. principle of linear displacement sensor:

  The linear displacement sensor is a sensor for electrical parameters using earlier, it is the type of complex, cheap, widely used, its basic principle is that the measured physical quantity changes into contact with the change of resistance value, and through the corresponding measurement circuit after the change reflects the measured sensor. Simple structure, good accuracy and stability of linear function, and the corresponding measurement circuit can constitute force measurement, measuring weight, displacement, acceleration and other view system, has become one of the production process and production method of viewing automationindispensable end.


  Principle of 2. magnetostrictive displacement sensor:

  Magnetoelastic displacement sensor is made of stainless steel (rod), magneto elastic line (active components - guide line), removable float (a durable magnet). Some work measuring magnetoelastic liquid level meter, circuit and some will be in waveguide wire on inspire pulse current, the electric current along the waveguide wire will convey an impulse current magnetic field in the waveguide wire around the float rod. In the magnetoelastic gauge outside with a float, the float rod along with the liquid level change and move up and down. There is a set of durability in the float ring. When the pulse magnetic field magnetic field current magnetic field and the float meet, float around the magnetic field changes of pulse current magnetic field change and makes the guide made of Persian magnetoelastic material in the address range float a change occurred in the waveguide wire pulse, the pulse at a fixed speed along the waveguide wire back to pass. Over time the measurement of pulse current with change wave difference can accurately determine the float address location, namely level range. The surface consists of a circuit unit, a set of explosion-proof enclosure and the rod sensing elements, there are a variety of optional sensors.

  Principle of 3。LVDT displacement sensor:

  LVDT displacement sensor is based on the principle of transformer, through a coil and the two coil weak electromagnetic coupling, the core displacement and momentum output signals (voltage or current) change a precision linear contact, can be directly changed into mechanical momentum standard signals supply computer data collection or PLC process control。LVDT displacement sensor product is the sensor coil and the electronic circuit device in a stainless steel tube, the end of the mechanical and electrical integration, has strong anti-interference ability。 This series of products with large stroke, high precision, good stability, convenient to use equipment and other interests。 Is the displacement, distance, length, thickness, vibration, swell, mobile liquid tight, powerful things to view and analyze the strain and so on physical quantities。

  4. pull rope displacement sensor principle:

  Pull rope displacement sensor is also called rope sensor。 It is a new and simple length displacement sensor is widely used, has the advantages of compact structure, long stroke, measuring equipment space standard small, high accuracy, good reliability, long service life, less maintenance and other benefits。 The other, a pull rope device displacement sensor is convenient to use, suitable for many dangerous situations use, widely used in measurement field。

  5. grid displacement sensor principle:

  Grating displacement sensor (commonly known as the grating), is a measure of reaction equipment using the principle of optical grating。 The grating displacement sensor is often used in machine tools and is now processing base and measuring instrument and so on, can be used as a linear displacement may view the angular displacement。 The measurement of the output signal is a digital pulse, with a view to view planning。 High precision, fast speed features of anaphora。 For example, in CNC machine tools commonly used in the coordinates of the workpiece through the view, to investigate and track the path to a fault, the fault movement compensation effect。

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