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Magnetostrictive linear displacement sensor

Author:Nanjing Jim Sensing Technology Co。 Ltd。Website:www.card24k.com/Popularity:Publication time:2017-09-26 15:06

  Magnetostrictive linear displacement (level) transmitter (magnetic ruler) is a displacement transmitter with high accuracy and long distance absolute position fabricated by magnetostrictive principle. Not only can measure linear displacement of the moving object, and gives the position of the moving object and the speed of the analog signal or signal level. The classification of the displacement sensor: according to the different output signals, divided into analog and digital two. The power supply mode is flexible and convenient for a variety of connection method and multi form output can meet a variety of measurement, control and detection requirements; adopts non-contact measurement method, avoid the parts are caused by the contact friction or wear, so it is more suitable for harsh environment, do not need regular maintenance of the system engineering or occasion. Not only is the sensor with excellent performance, more important is the work of long service life, good environmental adaptability, reliability, effective and stable work, has obvious advantages compared with the conductive rubber magnetic grid displacement sensor, displacement sensor, resistance displacement sensor and other products. Moreover, the installation and debugging are convenient, coupled with the high performance price ratio, timely and thoughtful after-sales service, enough to allow users to use more assured.

  Among them, explosion-proof (flameproof) magnetic ruler strictly in accordance with GB3836.1-83 "explosive environment with explosion-proof electrical equipment General requirements", and won the national explosion-proof electrical products quality testing center issued by the explosion-proof certificate. Flameproof mark: EXd II BT5.

Key word:Magnetostrictive,linear,displa

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